Our Mission

To establish, run and maintain educational institute for the educational development such as early childhood Jr.K.G., Sr.K.G., Primary school, Secondary school, Balwadi, Anganwadi, Arts, Commerce colleges, P.T.C. colleges, Adult educational classes, craddle house, night educational classes, Technical schools, Adhyapan Mandir, Boys, girls hostels, Ashram shala, Uttar Buniyadi Ashramshala, Pharmacy college, Psychology, Engineering colleges, Management colleges and also to help the institute during such activities.

To help the students taking education by way of fees, books etc. irrespective of any kind of distinction of caste and creed to award scholarship and also prizes to the students to help the needy students desirous of high study. To establish, run and maintain libraries for all sorts of development of the students and also magazine and to publish literature relating to it and be publish and also to undertake ancillary activities relating to it and also to handle the activities for remove difficulties affected to the people on obtaining education.

To run the classes of computer education for the development of the students and to impart training and education of computer to the students.

To open various kinds of vocational training centers for all sorts of development of the students. And to impart various kinds of training in such training centers and to issue publication relating to it and also to do reaches and lectures.

To undertake the activities of educational awareness so the each citizen may become literate and each citizen may become literature and to undertake such the attempts they may start study.

To run and maintain home industries, type classes, tailoring classes, classes of embroidery and also vocational classes for all sorts of development of the women and also to establish and also to impart free training.

To arrange seminar to education propaganda and also to issue publication. To organize pedal tours, cycle tours, and adventure tours for educational promotion and also to organize foreign tours in the limit of the trust.

To encourage the students and also to render assistance to the students by way of books, scholarship, to help for high study without any charge and to undertake the activities for education within the purview of the trust.

To start girls schools, schools, ladies colleges for girl’s education and also to conduct it and maintain. To handle the activities of welfare for orphan or old aged women, explorted girls, widow, deserted, destitute women etc.

To run and establish, home industries, type classes, computer educational center, tailoring class, fine arts, classes of embroidery, cattle industries, small scale industries and to impart training of computer to the students and to impart training in its training center.

To make organization of Yoga Sadhna Shibir and physical, mental health of the people. To start and be started training centers regarding yoga and to administer and be administered it.

Will host digital and public music event for public welfare fund.

Will help the poor patients in the hospital in cash or another way and also the institute will purchase the medicines to the poor patients and in this way to help the patients on purchasing the medicine and also to give tiffin services, to provide tiffin services to the needy people. To undertake activities of deadlines keeping in view of hygiene in all the urban and also rural areas.

To handle the activities of tree plantation to protect the trees and to advise and instruction for increasing it and also to handle the activities relating to it.